Gaia Family Tree – now FamilySearch compatible!

We are proud to have achieved FamilySearch certification for the following features:

  • Access: Search and read family tree.
  • Print: Print multiple reports and charts using online data from FamilySearch.
  • Sync: Sync both ways and match/combine persons:
  • - Ability to keep FamilySearch family tree current with Affiliate’s application for selected persons and information
  • - Ability to keep Affiliate’s application current with FamilySearch family tree for selected persons and information
  • Update: Publish to family tree. Also includes request to combine matched individuals.

Getting started with Gaia Family Tree and FamilySearch:

NOTE: New FamilySearch access is currently available for members of The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints only. Please visit for project updates.

1) Register at
2) Once you have registered and activated your account, you can use the FamilySearch features in Gaia Family Tree.
3) Visit the Gaia Family Tree Help Menu and learn how to start collaborating on FamilySearch with your family tree project.